Jericho 941 pl9

Jericho 941 pl9

IWI is an Israeli company that builds military grade weapons for people just like you and me. But the rifles are just one of the tricks IWI has up its sleeve. They also make pistols. So the Jericho is back, and it has the full weight of IWI behind it. If you have had your fill of the anorexic plastic pistols that have dominatedthis sledgehammer may be just what you need.

Shooting the full sized steel is a lot like shooting a competition handgun. The gun is heavy, which means recoil is tame. The trigger pull is smooth and the break is exact. The single action trigger pull breaks right at 5. The thumb safety allows the Jericho to be carried cocked-and-locked, like a The controls are accessible and over-sized making manipulation possible with only one hand—especially if you are right handed. I put the gun through my normal review paces. The is extremely reliable.

Shooting with out hiccup and eating everything from steel cased Wolf to Freedom Munitions remanufactured range ammo, the never even hinted at choking. Considering this is a full-sized, steel-framed gun you should expect it to be very stable, and you would be right.

That stability combines with the solid trigger to produce an accurate pistol. The pistols are more accurate than most handguns in its price bracket primarily because it is more forgiving of user errors like poor trigger-finger placement. Its three dot sights make for quick and accurate shots.

Muzzle flip is negligible. Slowing things down, I find my groups start to shrink. While there may not be excessive texturing on the grip or frame, the gun is still easily controlled, thanks primarily to the size and weight.

Forcing the gun to shoot from double action makes accuracy slightly more complicated, as you would expect. The long take-up of the trigger takes some staging to be able to pull off clean shots. Lowering the hammer manually is doable, but in my opinion unnecessary. Fans of the old-school single action will feel right at home, but the rest of you may need some practice with moving the gun through stages of preparation.

Have I hammered home that this gun is a tank? Shooting a gun like this is incredibly easy. The light recoil and reliable accuracy make practice less fatiguing.

But there are drawbacks to the added mass. This is no lightweight. Most 9mms weigh about half this much, and some are very easy to wear all day. After a couple of hours in the holster, I am still very aware that it is there. Racking the slide is tricky at times.The compact 3. IWI makes superb fighting pistols—the Jericho line with steel or polymer frames. Both types of guns are highly evolved developments of the old Czechoslovak CZ SP variants, but with more ergonomic controls.

Like its progenitor, Jericho uses a relatively narrow slide that rides inside the frame, rather than around it as most autoloaders. That makes the pistol less top-heavy but reduces the slide area available for grasping. In common, both model types have 4. The sear- and trigger-blocking safety can be engaged with the hammer up or down and locks the slide-in battery.

The slide stop and the safety levers are on the left side only, but they are substantial machined pieces with plenty of purchase even for gloved hands. Sights are basic, streamlined, drift-adjustable post and notch, with white dots.

Both variants come with accessory rails on the dust cover. The short recoil Browning action is conventional, as is the take-down. To field strip, line up two hash marks on the rear left of the slide and push the slide stop acting also as the barrel axis pin to the left. With the pin out, the slide comes off to the front, and the recoil spring comes out from the bottom of the slide together with its guide. The barrel comes out the same way, completing the disassembly for regular cleaning.

The differences are subtle but important. The polymer, full-size PL9 weighs 28 ounces empty, while the all-steel, full-size F9 is noticeably heftier at The PL9 frame is almost entirely plastic, with only a small steel locking insert and molded-in slide rails. In a cold climate, in particular, the polymer model would be more comfortable to use due to reduced heat transmission to the hand.

Granted, the grip panels are soft rubber, but the front and backstrap of the grip would be very chilly metal. With this terrific polymer-framed model available, why is steel still on the menu?

The polymer and steel pistols have identical manual of arms, permitting seamless switch-over between them. Turns out the steel F9 has some advantages of its own. The trigger is lighter, 5. The double-action is correspondingly 12 pounds versus 16 pounds. The heavily curved metal triggers feel lighter than that on both models, but the advantage of lighter pull for accurate and rapid fire remains.

With much of the extra weight residing in the prominent slab dust cover, the steel F9 feels more front-heavy. I would estimate that the entire PL9 magazine can be fired off aimed in about five seconds, while F9 can be emptied in four seconds with about the same effect on the target and less wear on the hands.

The polymer grip has prominent finger grooves and a more textured backstrap, while the rubber grips provide better hold than the slightly textured plastic side panels. Ergonomically, the sole challenge is with the racking of the relatively small slide against the combined pressure of the recoil and hammer springs. Cocking the hammer before racking makes the process much easier. Slide stop and safety levers have just enough ledge for sure activation without snagging.IWI has a long-standing history of firearms manufacturing and development, dating back to when it was first known solely as Israel Military Industries IMI.

Working closely with the Israel Defense Forces, it created legendary weapons such as the Uzi and Galil, and more recently the Tavor, and of course the Jericho The firearms it turned out were designed to withstand the type of rough urban combat that the Israelis were constantly encountering.

Inthe firearms side of the company was sold and renamed Israel Weapons Industries, or simply IWI, and began commercial sales of these classic firearms. Later inthe Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based IWI US brought out the first civilian versions of the Tavor, and of course the modern Jericho that we bring you today. Originally released inthe Jericho had a rough start. The pistol gets its numerical designation from the two calibers that it could readily fire. The end user had the choice of using standard 9mm, or the then-new.

Of course, with the commercial success and acceptance of. Ammo and conversion barrels for. This gave way to perfect function and ergonomics. Aesthetics were certainly slick, with the gun having a resemblance to a scaled down Desert Eagle.

The all-steel design was also very pleasing to purists who have had to endure the rapid emergence of the polymer-framed pistol market. The pistol is available in both its original steel-framed version as well as a modernized polymer frame.

jericho 941 pl9

Abandoning the now obsolete. The mid-sized steel pistol also gives an option of. Both the steel and the polymer-framed pistols are available in either a full-sized version sporting a 4. Along the slide, you will find a cross block safety in lieu of a de-cocking lever. I found this desirable, as it gives you the option of carrying it locked and cocked or hammer down. Without getting into the debate over the two, I thought it was nice to see both schools of thought taken care of on the same platform.

Trigger squeeze broke in single action at 5 pounds, 2 ounces, while in double action, it required 11 pounds, 6 ounces of force to make it go bang. This is no doubt to reduce the chance of accidental discharge should you have a threat at gunpoint. A Lyman digital trigger pull scale LymanProducts. If you are of the hammer down school of thought, all it takes is practice to get accurate.

The grip of the pistol is also very different from anything else on the market. The has a very sharp grip angle that will appeal to Glock shooters. However, it has a palm swell that is very low to meet the heel of your hand, making it very comfortable to shoot.

The finger grooves also are a nice addition as long as your hand fills them correctly. The much anticipated range day brought us mist and periodic showers…weather that is never desirable for a plinking session but always makes for good data when testing. In other words, we wanted to see what it was made of! Shooting the Jericho was very effortless. Even damp, it was easy to keep a firm grip during recoil and place controlled pairs on our Shootsteel.

Although it has a high bore axis, the comes back on target relatively fast with little effort. All rounds cycled perfectly without a single hang up all day, no matter how bad the elements were to it.

We collected data using a defensive load, a practice load and a competition load. This round gave us groups hovering right around 3.Features a 4. Includes three interchangeable back straps and two 16rd magazines. If you do not have an FFL Federal Firearms License then you must find one in your area to do the transfer for you, and you must enter their address as the shipping address on your order.

You must be age 21 or over to purchase. California - No mags over 10rds without a high-cap mag permit. Hawaii - No handgun mags over 10rds. Massachusetts - No mags over 10rds. Maryland - No mags over 10rds. New Jersey - No mags over 10rds. New York State - No mags over 10rds. Chicago - No mags over 15rds. Cook County, IL - No mags over 10rds. Washington DC - No mags over 10rds. Colorado - No rifle or handgun mags over 15rds or shotgun mags over 8rds.

Vermont - No long gun mags over 10rds or handgun mags over 15rds. Note: Firearms shipping to states with a magazine ban will ship with no magazine s. For more information, go to www. Enter Your Email Address. Owners are invited to do just that. Place an order for this product and we'll send you an invitation to review in 14 days.

No reviews currently on this product. Ammo for Handguns. Ammo for Rifles. Ammo for Rimfire. Ammo for Shotguns. AK Pistols. American Classic.Short recoil operating system. Steel frame construction with a frame-mounted safety enabling "condition one" cocked and locked carry and single action function or hammer down double action function. Includes integral picatinny rail, adjustable dovetailed sights, a firing pin block and a loaded chamber indicator. Barrel is cold hammer forged of mil-spec chrome-moly vanadium steel.

Includes two IWI steel magazines and carry case. I absolutely love this gun! I had been researching lots of pistols to add to my collection when I stumbled upon this bad boy and had to have it! As always BGS was amazing and shipping is always quick and painless.

As far as the firearm, the action is incredibly smooth and the workmanship is top notch! It has performed flawlessly thru about rounds. I actually converted mine to SA only by removing the disconnector and added a flat faced trigger similar to what you would see with a CZ or Tanfoglio and the single action trigger improved even more!

IMO, you cannot go wrong with the Jericho F. Get yourself one and enjoy! Top notch firearm gents!

jericho 941 pl9

Accurate as all getup, holds 16 day wreckers, and weighs more than a cinderblock, what more could you ask for? I have been trying to hunt one of these down for some time now and finally found one for a good price. Buds was a pleasure to work with and shipping was fast. New favorite range toy, thanks Buds!!!

jericho 941 pl9

A heavy pistol but the weight helps balance the weapon and offers excellent stability minimizing recoil. I find it to be very accurate and reliable admittedly I only have about RDS fired through it only needed 1 forward assist.

Jericho 941 PL9 – Full Size Polymer Frame – Discontinued

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jericho 941 pl9

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Jericho Enhanced Model J941PL9 II

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Gun Review: IWI US Jericho 941 Pistol

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